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Shhh…Erin doesn’t know I’ve added this page! I wanted to make sure you knew all about the books I’ve written about her – especially if you want to know how she survives eighth grade. And stay tuned for more fun stuff in the months to come!

(P.S. Click on any cover to buy it on Amazon.)

CLICK HERE paperback cover

CLICK HERE. Seventh-grader Erin Swift has a talent for computers, a love of Snickers, and big feet that are great for soccer and useless for dancing. She has a lot on her mind: a new school where she and her best friend Jilly are separated for the first time in school, a crush on the Cute Boy in her homeroom, and leading the school intranet project.

Then real disaster strikes, and Erin sets off on a surprising journey to self-discovery — and the many meanings of cherry-flavored Tootsie Pops..



ACCESS DENIED paperback coverACCESS DENIED. Computer whiz Erin Swift is ready to start eighth grade. The Year of Humiliating Events (aka, seventh grade) is behind her and she’s ready to rule the school. But eight grade comes with its own set of problems for Erin to navigate, including her first boyfriend, her first break-up, and the fact that her mom has been treating her more like an eight year old than an eighth grader. Even worse, there’s a new girl at MollyBrownMiddle School who is determined to remake Erin in her bad-girl image, and former crush Mark “Cute Boy” Sacks has been acting strange lately.

But as Erin’s school year once against hurdles toward disaster, a personal tragedy forces her to realize that things, and people, aren’t always as bad as they seem. Can she save what’s left of eighth grade before it’s too late?..


If you liked CLICK HERE and ACCESS DENIED, you’ll like ROCK ON, which also has a website, blogs, and even comments from characters who visit the blog.

ROCK ON Book Cover

ROCK ON. Ori Taylor is the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the Band To Be Named Later, a garage band he started with his friends. After years of being known only as the kid brother of sports star Del, Ori is looking forward to stepping out of his older brother’s shadow, learning to perform in public, and rocking the Battle of the Bands contest. Oh, and maybe finally working up the nerve to talk to a girl in person instead of just over e-mail. But when Del suddenly returns from college, he expects Ori to step back into his role of little brother, just when Ori is starting to come into his own.

With his confidence wavering, will Ori be able to overcome his stage fright and lead the band to rock glory? Will the Band To Be Named Later ever get a real name? Will their best performances remain in the garage?

Check out Ori’s band site, Colorado Rocks! Here you’ll find excerpts from the band’s blog in the book along with cool videos and downloads.  You’ll love getting to know Ori and the band on Colorado Rocks. Keep checking back because I will be adding stuff to the Blog and FAQ’s that wasn’t in the book starting in 2013.

"Waiting For You"

And the book has a song from the first chapter, when Ori is singing by himself in public for the first time! You can buy it on ItunesAmazonMediaNet, Spotify, MySpace Music, Emusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia, Verve Life, and Google Music. The links above will take you directly to the song, or you can search “waiting for you carabelos”


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