Keep Out

This used to be the totally secret and private home page of Erin Penelope Swift. Until I made a HUGE goof and it got on Molly Brown Middle School’s Intranet and EVERYONE read it. It was awful, it was horrible, and I thought I would die.

But I lived.

That “story” ended in January, but my life didn’t so I decided to go ahead and write stuff from now until summer just to see if I can do it and keep out of trouble at the same time.

I decided to totally change my site. Part of giving me a new start. And partly to prove to myself that I can keep my private blog and website PRIVATE until I decide to share it with the world. When I’m older. A LOT older.

I’ve got sort of the same links, as you can see up above.

Home…that’s where you are now. Duh.

About Me…just a few tidbits about yours truly if you’re interested.

My Life. …stuff about me and my exciting life. This will be the blog or live journal part, with dates and stuff…not really live since no 1 else will read it, but whatever.

Mug Shots…pictures of the people in my life. So far I haven’t gotten permission from any of my friends to put their pictures here so…I may just draw cartoons and put them up. We’ll just have to see.

MBMS…happenings about the school

S.W. Dislike-o-Rama… As you can see, I’ve changed the name of this from the Hate-o-Rama to the Dislike-o-Rama. I don’t really hate Serena anymore, even though she still rolls her eyes at me a lot. Besides, my mom doesn’t like me saying hate so I’m trying not to.

Snickers…you know this one, when I get tired of clicking, and just want a Snickers. Or maybe a cherry Tootsie Pop.


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