About Me (Erin)

So, I’m Erin Penelope Swift and here are a few things you should know about me: 

  • I have big feet, which is great for soccer and basketball, bad for dancing. Luckily I play soccer and basketball and no 1 has asked me to dance.
  • Jillian Gail Hennessey is my best friend and has been since K. She’s very pretty and friendly and everyone likes her. Sometimes I can’t believe she wants me for her friend.
  • I have an older brother, Chris. Now that he’s a sophomore in h.s. and can DRIVE, he treats me like I’m a pest. Chris wears stupid bright orange boxers with green frogs on them, checks his breath by breathing into his hand and smelling it, and tucks pictures of the girls he likes under a box on his dresser. Sometimes he takes 1 out and talks to it, like he’s talking to the girl. He doesn’t know I know.

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