Mug Shots

No one will let me put their pictures up here so I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination for what Jilly, Rosie, Mark, Tyler, Serena, and my family look like.  That’s probably better anyway cuz then you can let your own ideas fill in the blanks and have a good ol’ time with it.

But wait…check these out! If you click on any picture, it opens up a cool slide show so you can look at them all in a bigger format.

Want to submit a drawing to add to the mugshots below?
1. Draw your pic. (The computer-geneated ones that some people send are cool but we LOVE hand-drawn pics!)
2. Scan your drawing.
3. Save the scanned image as a .JPG file (small bytes, please).
4. Email the JPG file to with MUG SHOTS PIC in the Subject line.


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