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Friday, February 28

I can’t remember the last Friday night Chris was home. Wait. Yes, I can. When he was grounded for TPing Mary Hudson’s house in 8th grade. He wouldn’t have been caught except he came home with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. I cracked up and he glared at me. The thing was, he was totally into Mary Hudson so I’m not sure why he TPed her house, except I guess you sometimes do stupid things to get people to notice you. But Mary was mad and wouldn’t talk to him for like two months. But she actually liked him back so she finally talked to him and I guess they were making out after a basketball game behind the school. Huh. I don’t even remember how I know that.

Anyway, since Chris was stuck at home, he was flipping through the channels. I asked him if he wanted to play Mastermind, which we hadn’t played in like decades and he actually said okay. It took him eight tries to get my first pattern and only four to get my second. His first pattern took me all ten tries, but at least I got it. The second one took me six. He was always better at that game than I was. But it was fun. We laughed about stuff and he actually said, “The beer thing was stupid. Don’t do something stupid like that, okay Erin?”

Well, yeah. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. Mostly because I’m a big chicken and not very good at breaking rules without breaking out in hives.

It was a fun night.

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Tuesday, February 25

With all the stuff going on with Chris, it’s hard for me to really care about other things. Like after school today Jilly wanted me to help her pick which shirt to wear because she was probably going to see Bus Boy at the mall later. It wasn’t a date or anything because her parents won’t let her date until she’s a lot older, but he told he he was going to be at the Apple store and she told her mom she needed to get some special paper for school that she could only get at Papyrus, which is really close to Apple.

I told her both shirts looked good so she decided to wear them both, layered. I was glad she didn’t ask me to come along. I really wasn’t in the mood.

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Monday, February 24

Dad found some beer in Chris’s car. Chris is pissed because Dad was in his car without him knowing and Dad said they paid for half the car so they should be able to go in it and that he had bought the toolbox that he was getting out of the car when he found the beer.

Chris said it was just beer and my parents said he was underage and THEY could be liable and how could he be so stupid and he said they were violating his privacy and how could he trust them again and then there was this huge thing about no one being able to trust anyone.

I was so glad I had to got to school to get away from it..

Chris is grounded for a month and he lost the use of his car, which means Mom has to drive him everywhre and they both are PISSED. I’m staying out of the way. If I even get within three feet of Chris he growls and glares, as if I’m the one who grounded him.

I hate when my family isn’t getting along.

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Sunday, February 23

I went over to Jilly’s and we talked while she did her nails. She’s totally into Bus Boy so mostly we talked about him, which was better than having to talk about Mark. I hadn’t really noticed Bus Boy’s butt so it was okay to hear how great it was.

When I got home, Chris was banging around the kitchen and my dad was standing at the counter glaring. Chris said go away at the same time my dad said would you mind going to your room.

I still don’t know what happened, even though I tried to listen at the top of the stairs. Whatever it was, they took it out to the garage.

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Saturday, February 22

omg. That guy in Rosie’s desk–it was some counselor at a soccer camp she was at last year–before she started at MBMS. We were at my house this morning and I was saying how different things would be when we got to high school so I pulled out Chris’s yearbook and we were flipping through it when THERE HE WAS.

We get to the page with the varsity soccer team and Rosie goes omg and points to one of the players and I say what and she starts to tell me how she had a total crush on this guy but he was in high school and she had just finished sixth grade…let her take his picture (aha! that’s the one I saw in the drawer) but treated her like a kid.

We both said he’s still hot, even though he graduated last year and is at UC something on a soccer scholarship. Chris told us this after we begged for info and promised to wash his car. It was Rosie’s idea, which was weird because usually she’s so calm and stuff when it comes to boys. I guess she really liked this David guy.

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Wednesday, February 19

Yesterday at Rosie’s was really fun. Her cousin, Laura, was over with her son, who’s about five or something. He thinks Rosie is like the coolest thing ever. we shot baskets on this mini plastic hoop that was about five feet off the ground. We’d lift Iggy up so he could dunk–he loved it.

Rosie said Laura’s boyfriend, Iggy’s dad, is “into stuff.” I didn’t want to ask what that meant but I guess when things get bad, Laura comes over to Rosie’s house and hangs out for a few days so Iggy “can see a real family in action.” That made me sad.

Laura calls Rosie Rosaria. I knew that was her real name because they say it at school until she tells them to call her Rosie. But Rosaria is pretty but it doesn’t seem to fit Rosie. It’s a light, fuffy name and she’s down to earth and tough. Still, when Laura says it, it seems to work. Rosie rolls her eyes when Laura says Rosaria but I can tell she likes it.

I saw a picture of some guy on Rosie’s desk. OK, I confess. It was in a drawer under a bunch of paper. I wasn’t really snooping but she had to help Laura with something and she left me in her room and the drawer was open and…well, the guy is HOT. I really wanted to know if he was a boyfriend or what but I couldn’t ask because then she’d know I was snooping–not.

I was going to ask her if she liked anyone but then we needed to take Iggy to Chipotle because Rosie had promised him. I couldn’t ask in front of him so we talked about other stuff and stuck straws up our noses. Iggy laughed. I liked making him laugh.

Chris is bugging me to use the computer so l8r.

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Monday, February 17

I couldn’t talk to Tyler. I had no idea what to say. Jilly said to just chill. Be nice but don’t encourage him. He knows I don’t like him more than a friend and he’ll move on. Eventually.

I’m not sure she’s right. He’s known for a long time that we’re just friends but he’s still came to the game and stuff. Jilly says one day I’ll have a boyfriend like she has Bus Boy and things will be a lot different. I’m not sure what I want. It’s all very complicated.

ARGH! My blog is all about boys again. It’s stupid. I’m going over to Rosie’s tomorrow after school. That’ll be fun. So my next entry should be about Rosie and NOT about boys, who take up way too much of my brain.

At least my pillow is getting a rest.

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