Saturday, March 29

29 Mar

Jilly comes home tonight and so does Rosie! I’m sure they both had fun and I kind of wish we had gone on a trip but it was also fun just hanging out and not doing much. I worked on my jump shots and foul shots at the Y and saw Mark and Tyler a couple of times.

I actually ran into both of them at the mall on Thursday. They were with their dance dates. Mark acted all weird when he saw me, introducing Danielle and making sure I knew they were just friends. As if I care! Okay, so I was kind of glad which I know is totally lame because I don’t like like him and he can like whoever her wants.

It was pretty obvious that Tyler and Sasha (can you believe that name???) like each other. She grabbed his hand when they were walking away (I confess to looking over my shoulder at them, just to see). Mark was NOT holding Danielle’s hand.

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