Friday, March 21

21 Mar

Jilly looked AMAZING in her dress. I took lots of pictures and stayed at her house until her parents drove her to the dance. She’s meeting Bus Boy there. They don’t do a dinner before thing like they do at homecoming and prom in high school, which is good. Jilly doesn’t like to eat in front of boys she likes. She’s afraid she’ll get something stuck in her teeth, or forget to chew with her mouth closed or whatever.

OMG. Mark just IMed that he has strep! He’s not going to the dance. So he and I will both be sitting home (at our own houses), hanging out while our other friends go. Rosie went to her aunt’s for the weekend (she was asked to the dance by TWO guys but had already had this weekend family thing).

I feel bad for the girl who asked Mark. Jilly said she is totally in love with him and I’m sure she is really bummed out. I guess she’s still going with some friends but it won’t be the same. Leave it to Jilly to have all of this information when it just happened! The girl is an info magnet.

Of course, she might have more fun with just her friends. Sometimes when you’re with someone you are totally in love with, it can be awkward and scary because you’re afraid of saying or doing something stupid. But maybe that’s just me. She probably would have been just fine.

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