Saturday, March 8

08 Mar

The movie was great! Nothing weird happened, which was good. Tyler sat between me & Mark but he only talked 2 me a couple of times cuz he was really in2 the movie & his big tub of popcorn. When the movie was over, we stayed cuz Rosie said we should watch the credits cuz all those other people worked on the movie too & deserved to be noticed. It actually turned out to be cool cuz @ the very end there was this little inside joke & an outtake that we never would have seen if we hadn’t stayed! All those people who left missed it. Ha!

We are going over to Mr. F’s house tomorrow for dinner! I can’t believe it’s so soon after Mrs. F said something on Thurs but there u go. So I’ll get 2 c 4 myself if he’s got Tootsie Pops at home.

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