Friday, March 7

07 Mar

Tyler sat with Rosie & me @ lunch but he was talking more 2 me than 2 her. Does he like me again? We were talking about maybe doing a computer camp this summer—there’s one at DU & probably other places. He kinda kept looking @ me while we talked. Rosie says he still likes me but since I don’t like him he’s trying 2 branch out but not getting 2 far.

Maybe I should ask him 2 go 2 the spring dance. We could go as friends. I wonder if Mark will go with any1. He said that after everything w/ Jilly he kinda wanted to not do the girl thing so much. 2 bad cuz there r about a zillion girls who would love 2 go w/ him.

It’s weird how you can b really good friends w/ a boy, but also sometimes wish it were more. I wonder if I will always have that w/ Mark—happy we r good friends & he talks 2 me about stuff b4 he talks 2 other people but also sometimes wondering what it would b like to be w/ him bfriend/gfriend. What would it feel like to hold his hand or even kiss him?

Oh, God. This blog definitely CANNOT get out again. No way I could live w/ him knowing I’m wondering this stuff all over again.

Bunch of us r going 2 a movie 2nite. Wonder who will sit where.

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