Thursday, March 6

06 Mar

Mr. F said that he could put me to work this summer if I was interested. That could b pretty cool. I met his wife—aka Mrs. F—after I-Club today. She was there cuz Mr. F’s car was in the shop & he needed a ride. She was really nice…told me she thought it was great how I’d handled the BF, which was kinda embarrassing cuz that means Mr. F told her about it. Or maybe she found out some other way—the news sure got around.

Anyway, she was super nice and invited me & the fam over 2 dinner. Didn’t say when but it was nice anyway.

It’s kind of weird to think of Mr. F having a life outside of MBMS. I mean, obviously he lives in a house & stuff but I’ve only seen him @ school so I can’t picture him anywhere else.

Things I’m Wondering About

  • Does Mr. F keep Tootsie Pops at his house?
  • Will he clean while we’re there? (I hope not)
  • Does Mrs. F tell him her problems & does he have good answers for her?
  • Will I get the answers to any of these questions?


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