Tuesday, March 4

04 Mar

I think Tyler likes Rosie. He kept looking at her during I-Club. Either that or he’s trying to make me jealous because he told me he likes me to my face and I couldn’t say anything except: “Uhhhh.”

He’s definitely nice and cute but I just don’t see him that way. But I have to admit I like having someone like me. Is that totally rude?

Jilly said she and Bus Boy held hands on the bus today. I’m kind of glad I wasn’t there since I had I-Club. There really isn’t anyone I want to be holding hands with right now (I don’t think) but seeing them holding hands would remind me I don’t have a hand to hold which kind of stinks.

Questions About the Art of Holding Hands

  • Do you just sit there holding hands?
  • Is it hand-to-hand or fingers interwined?
  • How do you decide how to hold hands? Do people just know?
  • Who’s hand would be on top and whose underneath? How do you decide this???
  • Do you squeeze occasionally to make sure the other person still knows you’re holding hands?
  • Is it okay to squeeze if your hand falls asleep?
  • What if you have a total sweat attack?

Hand-holding could get pretty complicated. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a hand to hold.

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