Saturday, March 1

01 Mar

So today Chris and I went to the Y and Tyler was there with Mark. Tyler was acting really goofy — just making jokes and hardly looking at me or saying anything. I think he’s finally over me, if he ever liked me in the first place.

Kinda bummed me out, which I know is stupid since I don’t like him that way. I guess it’s like I’ve said before (and will probably say again)–it’s nice to have someone like you, even if you don’t like them back.

Chris and I challenged them 2on2. After Chris and I CREAMED them in 2 games and Chris kinda saw where everyone was skill-wise, he asked Tyler to be on his team.

Mark and I won 2 and lost 1–Chris just has a huge height advantage, even with Tyler the not so good basketball player. But it was SO fun–Mark and I kept laughing when we missed a pass and slapping high fives. I had little tingles in my hand when we touched but I think it was from slapping, not from anything else.

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