Friday, February 28

28 Feb

I can’t remember the last Friday night Chris was home. Wait. Yes, I can. When he was grounded for TPing Mary Hudson’s house in 8th grade. He wouldn’t have been caught except he came home with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. I cracked up and he glared at me. The thing was, he was totally into Mary Hudson so I’m not sure why he TPed her house, except I guess you sometimes do stupid things to get people to notice you. But Mary was mad and wouldn’t talk to him for like two months. But she actually liked him back so she finally talked to him and I guess they were making out after a basketball game behind the school. Huh. I don’t even remember how I know that.

Anyway, since Chris was stuck at home, he was flipping through the channels. I asked him if he wanted to play Mastermind, which we hadn’t played in like decades and he actually said okay. It took him eight tries to get my first pattern and only four to get my second. His first pattern took me all ten tries, but at least I got it. The second one took me six. He was always better at that game than I was. But it was fun. We laughed about stuff and he actually said, “The beer thing was stupid. Don’t do something stupid like that, okay Erin?”

Well, yeah. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. Mostly because I’m a big chicken and not very good at breaking rules without breaking out in hives.

It was a fun night.

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