Monday, February 24

24 Feb

Dad found some beer in Chris’s car. Chris is pissed because Dad was in his car without him knowing and Dad said they paid for half the car so they should be able to go in it and that he had bought the toolbox that he was getting out of the car when he found the beer.

Chris said it was just beer and my parents said he was underage and THEY could be liable and how could he be so stupid and he said they were violating his privacy and how could he trust them again and then there was this huge thing about no one being able to trust anyone.

I was so glad I had to got to school to get away from it..

Chris is grounded for a month and he lost the use of his car, which means Mom has to drive him everywhre and they both are PISSED. I’m staying out of the way. If I even get within three feet of Chris he growls and glares, as if I’m the one who grounded him.

I hate when my family isn’t getting along.

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