Saturday, February 22

22 Feb

omg. That guy in Rosie’s desk–it was some counselor at a soccer camp she was at last year–before she started at MBMS. We were at my house this morning and I was saying how different things would be when we got to high school so I pulled out Chris’s yearbook and we were flipping through it when THERE HE WAS.

We get to the page with the varsity soccer team and Rosie goes omg and points to one of the players and I say what and she starts to tell me how she had a total crush on this guy but he was in high school and she had just finished sixth grade…let her take his picture (aha! that’s the one I saw in the drawer) but treated her like a kid.

We both said he’s still hot, even though he graduated last year and is at UC something on a soccer scholarship. Chris told us this after we begged for info and promised to wash his car. It was Rosie’s idea, which was weird because usually she’s so calm and stuff when it comes to boys. I guess she really liked this David guy.

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