Wednesday, February 19

19 Feb

Yesterday at Rosie’s was really fun. Her cousin, Laura, was over with her son, who’s about five or something. He thinks Rosie is like the coolest thing ever. we shot baskets on this mini plastic hoop that was about five feet off the ground. We’d lift Iggy up so he could dunk–he loved it.

Rosie said Laura’s boyfriend, Iggy’s dad, is “into stuff.” I didn’t want to ask what that meant but I guess when things get bad, Laura comes over to Rosie’s house and hangs out for a few days so Iggy “can see a real family in action.” That made me sad.

Laura calls Rosie Rosaria. I knew that was her real name because they say it at school until she tells them to call her Rosie. But Rosaria is pretty but it doesn’t seem to fit Rosie. It’s a light, fuffy name and she’s down to earth and tough. Still, when Laura says it, it seems to work. Rosie rolls her eyes when Laura says Rosaria but I can tell she likes it.

I saw a picture of some guy on Rosie’s desk. OK, I confess. It was in a drawer under a bunch of paper. I wasn’t really snooping but she had to help Laura with something and she left me in her room and the drawer was open and…well, the guy is HOT. I really wanted to know if he was a boyfriend or what but I couldn’t ask because then she’d know I was snooping–not.

I was going to ask her if she liked anyone but then we needed to take Iggy to Chipotle because Rosie had promised him. I couldn’t ask in front of him so we talked about other stuff and stuck straws up our noses. Iggy laughed. I liked making him laugh.

Chris is bugging me to use the computer so l8r.

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