Monday, February 17

17 Feb

I couldn’t talk to Tyler. I had no idea what to say. Jilly said to just chill. Be nice but don’t encourage him. He knows I don’t like him more than a friend and he’ll move on. Eventually.

I’m not sure she’s right. He’s known for a long time that we’re just friends but he’s still came to the game and stuff. Jilly says one day I’ll have a boyfriend like she has Bus Boy and things will be a lot different. I’m not sure what I want. It’s all very complicated.

ARGH! My blog is all about boys again. It’s stupid. I’m going over to Rosie’s tomorrow after school. That’ll be fun. So my next entry should be about Rosie and NOT about boys, who take up way too much of my brain.

At least my pillow is getting a rest.

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