Sunday, February 16

16 Feb

As predicted, we got KILLED, MUTILATED, and STOMPED UPON in the Jamball game (not necessarily in that order). Where do these get these 7th graders–the WNBA? Two were taller than Chris and he’s 6 feet! For all our speed and quickness, we could hardly get any rebounds. Our tallest player is 5 ft 7 so hello? No rebounds, no way–well, except I got a couple because I was so pissed that they were always getting them I elbowed my way in.

And it didn’t help that Tyler was in the front row bleachers, shouting and cheering. He didn’t say my name but everyone seemed to know he was there for me which was totally embarrassing. I missed three free throws because I could feel his eyes boring into my arm. I’m going to have to talk to him.

What do I say?

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