Friday, February 14

14 Feb

Tyler definitely likes me. I didn’t find out because someone passed me a note or because Rosie wiggled her eyebrows at me and whispered that he liked me, like she did last semester. I found out from Tyler HIMSELF. That’s right, Tyler told me, TO MY FACE.

“You know I like you, Erin.” That’s what he said. Well, I kind of thought he might sort of like me but would I ever admit that and sound like I was all stuck up and thought people liked me all the time?

No way.

My face got really warm and I kind of smiled and said. “Oh.” Brilliant. Oh. But I don’t think I like him that way so what was I supposed to say? He goes, I know you probably don’t like like me but I wanted you to know. And I go, okay. I felt bad but I had no idea what to say. And it was right before my competitive basketball practice when I had to get mentally prepared to get killed in our next game.

Jilly thought it was “adorable.” That was kind of annoying. Like I’m a little kid and oh, look, someone has a crush on Erin, isn’t that adorable? I told her it wasn’t adorable and she felt bad and said she was sorry, that she wasn’t used to me having boys in my life and she knew she acted like a jerk sometimes. Wow. That was pretty cool. She’s never done that before.

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