Monday, February 10

10 Feb

Boys are so weird. So Tyler was at my Jamball game yesterday and his funky hair was interesting, even if it did make me miss my shot.

But today he stopped by my table at lunch and said, “Great game.” Rosie looked at me and I told her what happened and she said, “I TOLD you he likes you.”

I just rolled my eyes because no one ever likes ME, I’m always the one liking people and they don’t really know I exist except as a friend.

Still, it’s funny how you start to notice someone once you think they might like you. Like I love the way Tyler swings his arms when he walks and how his pants are baggy, but not too baggy so you can still kind of see his butt.

But Mark looks so hot in his gym shorts.

Maybe I’m going crazy. Boy crazy. Jilly would love this. I think I really AM channeling her.

How do I stop???

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