Sunday, February 9

06 Feb

OMG! Tyler came to watch my Jamball game. I have NO idea how he knew when it was or where it was or that I was even playing. He must have heard me talking about it at school or something. He came with his two friends that he always hangs out with–Joe and Steven, I think. I was so shocked when I saw him that I missed an easy lay up. Usually I don’t even notice the crowd –well, it’s not really a crowd, just parents and a few younger siblings climbing the bleachers –but I usually just tune it all out and focus on the game.

It must have been the hair. He had it really spiked, not like a Mohawk or cones or anything, just…up. All over. With yellow tips. The yellow caught my eye and I glanced his way, just as my feet left the ground. Luckily our team go the rebound and put one in.

Tyler yelled, “Sorry!” and I just waved him away, trying to get my head back in the game. But it was hard. I mean, a boy had come to watch me play.

I think.

Maybe he knew someone else on the team. After the game he came right up to me but then we had to leave so maybe he talked to the girl he REALLY came to see after I was gone.

Okay, I just re-read that and…

Things that are Freaking Me Out About What I Just Wrote

  • A few days ago I was kinda looking at Mark as Cute Boy again…
  • Today I was wondering if Tyler came to see me or someone else. Why do I care???
  • What if I’m channeling Jilly? She’s gotten nicer, like I was. Maybe we’ve switched bodies or something. Freaky Friday…only I think it was a Thursday when we made up. No, it was a Friday. OMG!

Things that are Still Good

  • Nobody knows I’m freaking out.
  • Freaky Friday is made up.
  • I’ve got two cherry Tootsie Pops in my backpack.
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