Tuesday, February 4

04 Feb

It’s a miracle. No one is talking about the game anymore. People are now talking about the Spring Dance. The posters went up today. theme is “A Spring in Your Step,” which sounds really dorky to me but I guess the teacher’s are the ones who get to decide, even if they put students on the committee.

Of course, Jillly is going nuts already, about a dress, if she and Bus Boy should go out to dinner first, will he get her a corsage. I told her this isn’t prom, it’s just a dance, and I think everyone just shows up and dances and most people probably won’t have dates. But she’s still freaking out and just isn’t hearing me right now. I’ll let her wind down and then we’ll have a normal conversation.

It’s weird cuz I kind of want to go, even though I can’t dance, especially with these peds. But it would be kind of fun, I think, if I didn’t have to go with a boy, unless it was Mark but actually I wouldn’t want to go with Mark because I would be so totally nervous I know I’d do something stupid like trip over his feet, or throw up on his shirt. Maybe I can go with Rosie and some of her friends. But Rosie doesn’t seem like the school dance type.

I’ll just have to see.

It’s weird cuz even though I basically helped lose the game and don’t want to think about it anymore, I kind of miss everyone talking about it like they were yesterday.

I got homework. Gotta go.

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