Monday, February 3

03 Feb

Everyone is talking about the game.

  • How I made a 3-pointer to tie us up
  • How Steph got fouled and went to the free throw line
  • How Steph missed both her shots
  • How we went into overtime
  • How Jamie and I both missed easy shots from the corner
  • How they stole the ball and made an easy layup
  • How we couldn’t make a basket to save our lives and the buzzer sounded.
  • And it was all over.

Mark came up to me in English and said how sorry he was. I didn’t even care. I couldn’t even look at him. Even when he squeezed my arm. I felt nothing.

I just wanted to get away. But I knew if I did, it would be worse. So I sucked it up and went to my classes.

I told Dad to save the tape because I want to review it when I’m ready. Figure out what happened. Why we acted like we were playing in quicksand.

Everyone is being so nice and everything. I almost wish they’d be mean because all the niceness makes me want to cry.

Chris wanted to take me out for ice cream. I told him I wasn’t a kid anymore, that I wasn’t going to forget about the game just because he offered a DQ banana split blizzard with extra chocolate sauce. He goes I know you’re not a kid and you handled the loss like a pro and could we go get ice cream anyway? I asked if his friends were coming and he goes do you want them to and I said no and he said fine, they won’t come.

I said okay. I’d go.

I actually had a good time. Chris told me about big games he’d lost and made me laugh about some of the mistakes he made.

Still, I had seen this as my big chance. A way to let people know I was more than just the girl who wrote that blog and kissed her pillow.

And I blew it.

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