Thursday, January 28

28 Jan

Rosie and I went to shoot baskets at the Y with her cousin. He’s a senior in high school and almost as much of a hot tamale as Mark. He was so cool with us–not like Chris gets sometimes when he decides he’s too cool to be around a 7th grader. He showed me a cool way to dribble behind my back to keep the ball away from the defense.

Things That are Good (Unless I Jinx It)

  • Rosie’s cousin was nice to me.
  • Mark didn’t treat me like a dork after the whole staring thing on Tuesday
  • Jilly is coming to the championship game tomorrow night. I guess she’s coming with Bus Boy and a bunch of other kids from her track.

Things That Are Freaking Me Out

  • Chris is coming to the game tomorrow night. He has only been to two games (both in the finals).
  • He’s bringing some friends from his basketball team. Yikes!
  • Mom and Dad are videotaping the whole game–with 2 cameras in 2 different places–what is this, the WNBA (I wish)
  • The entire school is probably going to be at this game because the girls’ team has not been in the championship for like 10 yrs or something.

I can’t stand the pressure…maybe I’ll go hide in the RV.

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