Tuesday, January 26

26 Jan

It was freezing today. I think I’m the only one who wore a coat that kept me warm. Everyone else had either no coat or like a hoodie or something. I felt stupid. I guess I’m supposed to tough it out so I look cool. But I hate being cold and I wore my ski jacket which is way cool. At least I think it is.

I was totally humiliated in I-Club today. I was supposed to be writing new blurbs about the teachers for this semester but I kept looking at Mark. I couldn’t help it. He hasn’t had a haircut for a while so it’s curling over the back of his collar, looking all cute and cool. Man.

So I kept looking at him and Serena caught me looking and says to Mark, right OUTLOUD so EVERYONE can hear: “Erin is totally staring at you.”

I started typing right away but I knew my face was totally red so of course he knew I was staring. He had turned around but there was no way I was going to look at him. I just shook my head and rolled my eyes. I could feel him grinning at me and that made me even more embarrassed.

Later I was at the printer and he came up behind me. I told him I was NOT staring at him, that Serena probably was and she was just trying to push it off on me. He goes whatever and I could have screamed. Why did I even bring it up? He probably wasn’t even thinking about it, had forgotten all about it and I’m bringing it up. Stupid, stupid, STUPID.

Why can’t I just keep my mouth shut? And how can I get Serena to keep hers shut?

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