Sunday, January 24

24 Jan

We crushed the Sentinels! I was right. I made a 3-pointer to end the second half. It was sweet. That put us 6 pts ahead and in the 2nd half, they lost it. We won by 11. It was awesome. We are going to the championship!

Mark came up after the game and gave me high fives. “You rock,” he said. I flipped. I don’t think I’m over him. I thought I was but when he said that, and looked at me with both those eyes–well, I couldn’t stop thinking about him last night and today. He’s SO hot! I even looked at my pillow, wondering if maybe I needed to practice again. But I didn’t pick it up. I just can’t after everyone knows I’m a pillow-kisser. No. WAS a pillow-kisser. If I don’t kiss my pillow, then when people say something I can honestly say I don’t do that anymore.

Oh, geez. I’m thinking about kissing Cute Boy again. Oh, no. I’m calling him Cute Boy again. That can’t be good.

Things That are Freaking Me Out

  • I think I like Mark Sacks…again (or maybe I never stopped)
  • I think he might like me.
  • I think he might not like me.
  • Jilly’s lips touched his lips, even if they’ve been over for awhile and her lips now touch Bus Boy’s lips.
  • What if I choke in the championship game?

Things That Make Me Feel Okay

  • Jilly is being a great friend. She and Bus Boy cheered the loudest at the game.
  • Rosie might try out for basketball next year.
  • Tyler and I kicked the soccer ball around on Friday and it didn’t feel weird, even though we both know he wrote that poem that he says he didn’t write.

Why is my life starting to feel a little bit complicated again?

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