Thursday, January 21

21 Jan

Basketball practice was the WORST. It was like I had grease on my hands or something. I kept missing passes and only made about three free throws, when usually I only MISS three or less.

Part of it may have been because Mark and Tyler came in to watch for part of the time. I just can’t figure him out. Mark, that is. First the basketball thing, then almost ST on Monday, and now he’s here watching me practice.

Unless he came to watch someone else. Were they looking at me? I thought they were but maybe I was wrong. I was so freaked that they were there that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Maybe they came to see someone else on the team and I goofed up my practice for nothing.

Who could it be?

  • Jamie. Very tall, pretty, feet that fit her height. She’s taller than Mark, though. I still don’t know if he’s the kind that would not like the girl to be taller than him.
  • Steph. She’s one of the guards. Short hair, freckles, pretty much a permanent scowl on her face. But she can snap the ball like nobody’s business and always knows where everyone is on the court. It’s like she’s got ten sets of eyes or something. Basketball is basically her life. Not sure she makes time for a social life.
  • Danielle.

Wait. I’m not going to go through every girl on the team. That’s crazy. Especially because I don’t like either Mark or Tyler more than a friend.

I’m looking forward to our game this weekend. I think we’re going to crush them.

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