Monday, January 20

20 Jan

Chris took me to the library after school today and we saw Amanda. By herself. She was on that corner again. I guess she was waiting for what’s his name again. That must be their favorite meeting place or something.

When I saw her my heart started flipping and I kept stealing peeks at Chris to see what he was doing. But he acted like he didn’t even see her. She looked at him and rolled her eyes but he just ignored her and came inside with me.

Of course, I had to go to the window and see what happened next. I watched her for about five full minutes but the BF didn’t come. She was walking back and forth at the corner, looking down the street, shaking her head, checking her cell phone and stuff. Chris asked me what I was doing and didn’t I need a book and I said yeah and he looked out too and kinda smirked and shooked his head.

Then I got my book and we left. Amanda was gone when we got outside so I don’t know if the BF came while we were checking out or not.

When we got home, Jilly was waiting in my room. She was freaking because Bus Boy hadn’t called her over the weekend and he wasn’t in school 2day. I said maybe they went out of town and she said he would have told her and I said maybe he forgot and she said she thought he liked someone else and I told her she was crazy and she said she definitely was.

“Maybe he got in an accident,” she said. “Maybe he likes another girl and he’s too afraid to tell me so he’s ditching.”

Maybe he became an astronaut and went into space. Get a life, Jilly. Well, I didn’t tell her that. But sometimes I think she is too obsessed with this guy. I’m mean, he’s Bus Boy. I guess he’s cute but she’s like bonkers over him, like he’s some rock star or something.

Okay, there I go writing mean stuff that will somehow get back to Jilly and I’ll have Blog Fiasco #2.

What I mean to say is that she needs to get into a play or something so she has something to focus on besides whether Bus Boy is calling and if he ran away to New Mexico with some girl from another school or whatever.

Mark didn’t say much to me in class today but do you see me flipping out? Just because we played basketball together two days ago and he was giving me a Look like he might like me more than a friend and now he’s acting like he doesn’t even really know me? No. I’m not flipping out. I’m sure he’s really busy with paying attention in class and I don’t really care anyway because I don’t like him more than a friend anymore.

Do I?

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