Saturday, January 18

15 Jan

I met Mark at the Y to play some basketball. It’s weird and I probably shouldn’t write this because somehow it may get out and I’ll have BF #2 but I’m going to write it anyway.

I think Mark likes me MTAF–more than a friend. OMG. I can’t believe I just wrote that!

Why I Think Mark likes Me More Than a Friend

  • He kept looking at me almost the whole time we were playing. And not just looking like he was waiting to see what I was going to do with the ball. Looking with kind of a look that was like he was looking at me as a girl, not as just his basketball opponent. It was SO WEIRD. But kind of cool, too.
  • When I fell down and he held out a hand to help me up, he held onto my hand longer than he needed to. I think there’s some 2 second rule or something and he totally violated it. He held on for like 5 seconds and just looked in my eyes until I had to make a joke and look away. I wiped the hand on the back of my shorts, even though it wasn’t sweaty. Just out of habit.
  • He wanted to know if I wanted to go get a Coke or something at Subway after we played. I couldn’t because I had to get new shoes with my mom but still…if I hadn’t had to get shoes, would I have gone?

How I Feel About Mark Maybe Liking Me More Than a Friend

  •  I don’t know!!!!
  • I’m not sure how I feel about him after everything that’s happened. I can still remember when he touched my hand in I-Club that day. How I didn’t get all tingly and freaked out by it but maybe that’s because I was so worried about the launch.
  • I don’t know!!!
  • He’s still cute.
  • Even though Jilly and Bus Boy are the big item, she might freak out if we started going out, especially because she did that whole “you can’t be friends with him once we break up” thing which got us into our huge fight in the first place.

Why am I talking about going out with Mark Sacks??? This is CRAZY!!!

What I am Going to Do About Mark Maybe Liking Me MTAF

  • Talk to Jilly about it–maybe. I’m not sure I want to talk to Jilly about it.
  • Nothing.
  • Figure out if it’s true. I’m probably making it up and Mark doesn’t like me MTAF.
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