Tuesday, January 14

14 Jan

I’ve decided to fill in some of the gaps that are missing in my story. I don’t know how often I’m going to be able to post entries cuz of basketball and stuff, but we’ll see.

Basically, you know a few things from that June 9 entry. But I think I’d like to give a few more details about basketball, and Jilly’s play, and when Mark and I kissed and he gave me that pillow and stuff. And whatever else I can think of that happened from January to June.

Hopefully it makes sense and if it doesn’t, too bad! This is back to being the totally secret and private home page and blog pages of Erin Penelope Swift and I’ll write it any way I want. So there.

Things That Freaked Me Out About Basketball

  • Okay. I’ll start with basketball because that was a big part of January and February.
  • Steve kept taking pictures of the basketball games and for some reason, I would do a lot of tripping and falling. Normally I’m not a klutz on the court–remember, this is where my feet shine–but for some reason he jinxes things. Maybe it’s because he was always sliding down the line, trying for action shots. It was very distracting. The ref would tell him to stop and he would and then he start sliding again, sometimes on his knees, somethings on his side, when the ref wasn’t looking. The crowd was cheering for him so of course he kept doing it. He posted a few crazy photos on the Intranet but he knew I was keeping an eye on them so not too many of them were of me, unless I was making a great layup or something.
  • Mark came to the last 2 games and he’s watching me. He sat, like, two rows behind our bench so I could feel that one eye under those bangs, drilling into my back. I knew he was watching me and it really freaked me out. I guess this is probably what would lead to that kiss on the second to last day of school but I’ll get to that later. Much later.
  • Jilly and Bus Boy are sitting together on the bus. I like sitting with Rosie but I figured Jilly would trade off–some days with BB and some days with me but so far that is not happening. At least not very often.

Things That Are Kind of Cool

  • In spite of making a fool of myself falling all over the court because of Steve the Psycho Camera Guy, our team has won 5 of the last 6 games! We rock. The last game we played, we were tied up and I got fouled and made my free throws. BOTH of them. So, basically, I rock, too. Everyone was screaming and hugging me and jumping up and down. It was crazy.
  • Tyler came to a couple of games, too, with his friends. I waved at him when I was going back to the bench and he waved back. I like his hair.
  • Rosie invited me over to her house after school yesterday! It was the first time I was there. She has a really cool house with all kinds of people coming and going–brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles—I couldn’t keep track of them all. It felt like a party without any cake.

Chris is bugging me to get on the computer so more later…

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